Agile Transformation – How do you bring more agility to your business?

Is agility the concept of the future? Obviously, companies today have to be much more agile and faster than a few years ago.

Companies have always had to be flexible and respond to changing customer needs. In our time, however, the changes are increasing rapidly, customer needs can move in all directions by leaps and bounds, less and less can be planned or even forecasted. The corporate environment is characterized by volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA).

In this context, the concept of “agile organization” is useful. Agile work accelerates things, not everything has to be perfect immediately. Is a draft sufficient to try out the approach? Then it can be started in agile work, the team can still improve it later.

Agility in leadership creates a high level of transparency about what the team is currently working on, how much time is spent on it and what has already been done. This leads to more satisfaction.