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Agility as a solution for companies

Is agility the concept of the future? Obviously, companies today have to be much more agile and faster than a few years ago.


Book recommendation Eric Schmidt & Jonathan Rosenberg

Book recommendation "How Google Works". A principle at Google: Everyone should have the opportunity to think topics from the beginning. One of Google's driving forces is to rethink this principle from a new perspective.


Start-up practices for established companies

Can lean start-up practices prevent organizations from becoming sluggish and bureaucratic? Our experience is clear: Yes, that can succeed.


Your homework: Start-up strategies for managers

The leadership role in start-ups is quite different from the traditional one. What can managers learn from this?


How to become fit for Lean Change

Lean Change Management is a modern change approach to find the best answers to your change projects.


Book recommendation Eric Ries

Eric Ries recommends "Startup-Way": imitating the behaviour of start-ups, i. e. learning from people who develop new things under extreme uncertainty.


isb Nord Symposium on 21st of Septmber 2019 in Hamburg

With a workshop with Sonja Kalusche: Thinking Environment – A dialogue concept for more cooperation. A dialogue is like a journey to a country where we haven't been before.


Collegial Consultation combined with systemic questions

Every question contains the core of the answer. If we want new, creative approaches, it is useful to ask ourselves and our employees new, creative questions.


Book recommendation Yuval Noah Harari

Yuval Noah Harari looks at the here and now and asks the most relevant questions of our time. He invites us to reflect on values, meaning and personal commitment in a time of noise and uncertainty.



It takes time and effort for a company and its employees to internalize agility, and the main task is leadership. To do this, managers need three modules.

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