Self-Organization needs Leadership

The first pages about leadership in general and what makes leadership challenging in current times are known to most and could also be skipped. Chapter 2 starts with good and interesting, when “self-organization” is defined and described not only in theory, but also with successful questions that you can apply for yourself and for your Team.

The importance of leadership in self-organized teams is excellently emphasized. What remains certain, with all new and agile approaches, is the topic of people management or, to put it another way: without leadership there can be no self-organization.

About this Book by the author Boris Gloger

“Self-Organization needs Leadership” is a best selling book in Germany. It deals with the idea of leading selforganizing teams and teal organizations. Details about the content you will find in the preface.

I put this translation online because I need your help. I need to redo the translation, your hints are highly appreciated.

Im sorry, it is a bad translation, and I applogize for it. But it is a viable shipable product. It was sitting on my desk now for a year. But on my desk it does not create any value for you.

So I wanted to bring the content to your attention and I hope I will get some feedback. My goal is to improve the book over the next couple of month.

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Boris Gloger
July 2016