Leading with Life – Release and use liveliness in the company

Summertime – Travel, relax, relax and for many people also the time to read. Our tip: “Leading with Life” by Matthias zur Bonsen. This book is not a new release, but since 2009 years on the market for management reading. Especially in this segment, literature sometimes becomes outdated. But “Leading with life” exudes nine years after the first edition an unusual liveliness. Perhaps that’s because it appeals to people in organizations and companies at ESSENTIAL levels: intellectual and rational, emotional and spiritual, aesthetic and poetic.

What makes “Leading with Life” special to us is the unique and profound mix of heart, mind and aesthetics. In addition to many exciting stories about how significant entrepreneurial personalities have created vibrant businesses and the presentation of some tools, there is a comprehensive summary of what visions and missions actually are and what they can do. It raises questions that are not new, but which organizations and teams can constantly ask, including:
• What one-off benefits do we want to passionately donate to which customers?
• For what values ​​do we really feel passion?
• What is the ultimate goal of our passion right now?

We wish you a nice, inspiring summer time.