Coaching: Assistance for self-control in complex situation

Coaching is a solution- and target-oriented consulting instrument that accompanies executives and people in general with a high level of project responsibility within a clearly defined thematic and temporal context. Tailored closely to the needs of the coachee, the coaching process enables him or her to achieve personal targets and develop his or her individual solution strategies.

The Coaching is designed to strengthen the client’s ability to act and make decisions when dealing with complex professional challenges. The focus is not so much on giving clients a theoretical basis for action, as on training, but on developing individually tailored solutions based on the concrete challenges they have to face.

In general, coaching can take place on various topics or questions, such as:

  • Gain self assurance in a leadership role, manage a role change to a Leadership position
  • Personal development for managers
  • Transition Coaching
  • Broadening existing management competence to deal with special, sometimes difficult situations, including interventions such as giving feedback, praising, making demands, criticizing, and many more.
  • Support in times of stress and burnout

We support you in the following formats:

  • Business Coaching
  • Career coaching
  • Coaching as individual assistance in change processes