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Business Coaching: Increase strengths and capabilities

Coaching is a solution-oriented and goal-oriented advisory tool that accompanies executives and people with high project responsibility in a clearly defined thematic and time frame. Tailored to the needs of the coachee, the coaching process supports him in achieving personal goals and broadening his previous individual solution strategies.

Coaching aims at strengthening the client in his ability to act and make decisions when dealing with complex demands – mostly in a professional context. The difference between training and coaching is that training concentrates on theory and coaching uses the concrete challenges facing the coachee to develop individual, appropriate solutions.

Coaching situations

The following are examples of situations in which coaching is called for:

  • Gain self assurance in a leadership role, manage a role change to a leadership Position
  • Personal development for Managers
  • Transition-Coaching in challenging projects
  • Broadening existing management competence to deal with special, sometimes difficult, situations, including interventions such as giving feedback, praising, making demands, criticizing, and many more.
  • Support in times of stress and burnout
  • Career Coaching

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