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Change Management: For safety and tranquillity in times of transformation

Change Management can be defined as the planning, implementation, control and stabilization of changes in strategies, processes, organizations and culture. The target is to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of the change process and to achieve the greatest possible acceptance of the involved managers and employees.

In order for a change to succeed as smoothly as possible, a neutral and independent external perspective is often necessary. A partner who is able to structure the individual steps required in this process, reduce complexity to the essentials and support key players in reaching their targets. Kalusche Consulting has been involved with change processes in companies since 2003. Kalusche Consulting makes the essential visible.

ChangeStepsAdvanced: Transparency, structure and measurability for your change project

With the support of our ChangeStepsAdvanced® concept, which was designed by Sonja Kalusche herself, we support companies that are in a change situation, such as in a reorganization, restructuring or merger. ChangeStepsAdvanced® is a seven-step concept that integrates the key stakeholders and thus makes a decisive contribution to the successful implementation of the change process. It is based on the realization that many change processes unfortunately fail in practice because, for example, there is a lack of a process-oriented approach to successfully mastering the challenges. Our concept helps to set milestones, to proceed in a structured way and to guide the people involved through the process in a target-oriented way.

The used tools create transparency, structure and measurability. Entrepreneurs become navigators, personnel developers, qualified supporters and managers become motivated transformers within the entire process. The system has been showing its effectiveness for years and helps companies achieve their goals and thus achieve change success.

Depending on the type of project and the scope of the consulting assignment, we accompany the entire change management process as well as individual steps in your change project.

The 7 major errors in change management

“The majority of change projects are failing,” one can read in a large number of studies. But why is that?

They are often unsuccessful in their everyday work due to simple mistakes that could actually be avoided. Sonja Kalusche describes in her booklet “Creating change – the seven major mistakes in change management” why so many change projects already fail because of project management and gives helpful tips for avoiding mistakes.

You can order the booklet by our contact document.

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