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Change Management: Make the essential visible

Change Management can be defined as the planning, implementing, control and stabilising of changes in strategies, processes, organization and culture with the goal of maximising the effectivity and efficiency of the change processes as well as the highest possible level of acceptance by the managers and employees affected.

We believe that Change Management is a basic tool in management. Successful managers can answer questions concerning the “What, How and Why” of change processes in a time and content framework, communicate it openly, and provide a maximum degree of design flexibility within this framework.

Depending on the scope of the task and the size of the mandate, we provide support during the entire change management process of the organization or individual steps in the process, as can be seen in the following illustration:

Change Management is considered to be difficult, many change processes are not successful. What causes this – resistance to change, lack of know how? The truth is simple. You can read an article explaining why so many change projects fail at the project management stage: “Fünf typische Fehler im Change Management” by Sonja Kalusche (Perspektive Mittelstand online 25.11.2015).

ChangeStepsAdvanced: Transparency, structure and measurability for your change project

Kalusche Consulting has been dealing with change processes in companies since 2003 and makes the essentials visible. In order for a change to succeed well and as smoothly as possible, a neutral and independent view from outside is often necessary. A partner who structures the steps needed in the process, reduces complexity to the essential, and helps key players achieve their goals.

The ChangeStepsAdvanced® system designed by Sonja Kalusche, addresses companies in a changing situation such as restructuring or merger. The ChangeStepsAdvanced is a seven-step system that involves key stakeholders and thus contributes significantly to the smooth running of the change process. It is based on the realization that many change processes unfortunately fail in practice and that a process-oriented approach is required to successfully master all challenges. The system helps to set milestones, to proceed in a structured manner and to guide the participants in a goal-oriented way through the process.

The tools used create transparency, structure and measurability. Entrepreneurs thus become the helmsman, HR developers a qualified companion and managers become motivated implementers within the entire process. For years, the system has shown its effectiveness, leading companies to their goals and thus to success.

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