>Coaching formats: Online coaching by phone or Skype

Coaching formats: Online coaching by phone or Skype

Online coaching by phone or Skype

Online coaching can be a contemporary addition to well-known presence coaching – above all because communication over long distances and with time flexibility becomes increasingly important.

Telephone coaching or online coaching have the advantage that coachee and coach are spatially independent. Thus, Kalusche Consulting can support you effectively and sustainably in the implementation in your professional life – no matter where you are. And if a current challenge has to be tackled as quickly as possible, then we can easily make an appointment and develop a suitable solution.

Online coaching makes sense if you   

  • want to accommodate your coaching via Skype or telephone more flexibly in the (work) everyday life.
  • be independent of location and want to use the coaching on business trips and stays abroad.
  • need an appointment for the “emergency” at short notice.
  • want to schedule a brief meeting to discuss a recent event, identify small progress or reorient.

The basis of conversation is usually the telephone, possibly supplemented with a simultaneous online connection. So we use common sketches, models, web cam etc. during the conversation on the screen. Also with the online coaching applies: Confidentiality has highest priority. All features that are fundamental to coaching also apply to online coaching.

Coaching by phone

Telephone coaching is very effective: we listen carefully concentrated and focused. As you know us. Together, we analyze the progress, plan the next steps and develop new solutions for current challenges.

Online coaching by Skype

The coaching sessions can take place via webcam. It’s like a personal conversation, no matter how many thousands of kilometers separate the call partners.

In order for online coaching to achieve the desired results, our coaches have special competences:

  • Differentiated, explicit and implicit knowledge about the occasions and purposes for which online coaching can be used.
  • Application competences and methodical creativity related to the use of different methods of online coaching
  • Multimedia skills
  • Design competence related to the entire process structure with the associated use of different media and related to the flexibility and improvisation ability for any necessary media change.
  • Process competence related to the design of the virtual coaching process.

Which coaching formats are there?
You have not dealt with online coaching yet? In this Video the most important coaching settings and virtual coaching are briefly described.

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