About Kalusche Consulting: Consulting in the spirit of entreneurship

Sonja Kalusche, managing director of Kalusche Consulting, has been advising people and organizations in personnel and management issues since 2003. We work with well known scientifically based top of the line management models from economics, sociology, psychology and education. We promote innovative approaches while finding the right balance between the traditional and the modern. We place great value on the people we deal with, the questions they ask and the systems of which they are a part.

Main focus of Kalusche Consulting
• International Change Projects
• Team Development
• Coaching for Individuals
• Leadership Development

Our approach: Individual. Strategical. Systemic.

We take a systemic view of organizations and the way people cooperate with each other in social systems. The term “systemic” comes from the Greek word “histamein”, which means “to stand together”. According to the “Lehrbuch der systemischen Therapie und Berating”, one of the definitive books on systemic therapy and consulting by Arist von Schlippe and Jochen Schweitzer, a system is „ a set of elements and objects in combination with the relationship between these objects and their characteristics.”

Our systemic approach is reflected in the way we ask questions about and understand the overall context, the way we view relationships and communication patterns, and in the way we integrate culture issues and their effect on the system as a whole.

Our philosophy: Transparent. Sustainable. Professional.

We work closely with our clients, starting with setting the client´s goals and ending with our final report. We see organizations as complex, individual constructions whose know-how is mirrored in the processes and structures supported by the people who work in them.

We have no „one size fits all“ products. We design precisely fitting solutions and services for our clients,  together with our clients. Our values are transparency, comprehensibility and sustainability. We work to a high professional standard. Our aim is to bring company´s visions to life, to develop strategies and to foster a culture in which the people in the organizations can be successful, feel motivated and be happy.