Management Consulting: Asking the right questions

For us, management consulting means working with the managers of an organization. At this level, strategic targets are defined and changes initiated. The power of consulting at this level should therefore consist in the combination of a specialized and a global perspective. Management consulting can include individual sessions with top management and executives as well as the monitoring of complete management teams. Management plays a central part in change processes in particular. This role must be observed, continuously reflected upon and actively shaped. Often a very complex business, due to the fact that actions on this level quickly generate huge impulses and have a lasting impact on the corporate culture. For this reason, the approach should be considered carefully and both the individual actions and the communication should be carefully planned.

Management consulting includes:
• Coaching and advising top management and the C suite
• Supporting top management in developing strategies and visions
• Implementing and supporting culture change processes in management teams (communication, responsibility, decision making processes to mention just a few)
• Carrying out and evaluating management audits
• Positioning and coordinating in management teams