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Sonja Kalusche – Founder and Managing Director of Kalusche Consulting

„I have become self-employed with the topics of leadership, change management, because I am enthusiastic about both for the people in organizations and for the processes and in my view both are decisive for the success.“

Since 2003 Sonja Kalusche accompanies people and organizations in personnel and management issues.

Sonja Kalusche is an enthusiastic coach with many years experience of management and leadership. After studying business administration in Nuremberg, Sonja Kalusche completed a training as a systemic consultant and coach at the Institute for Systemic Consulting in Wiesloch. She has acquired many additional qualifications to meet the complex challenges which she faces with up-to-date knowledge and know-how:

  • CAPTain Advanced – Diagnostic tool to determine behavioral competence and development potential
  • Qualification in Systemic Group Dynamics, Königswieser & NETWORK and Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute
  • Qualified Business Moderator MBM®
  • Qualification in moderation and communication: Managing and directing conflicts
  • Moderation of large groups Appreciative Inquiry
  • Change-Management as project by Klaus Doppler
  • Systemic organizational consulting, SySt® at the Institute for Systemic Education, Training and Research in Munich
  • ZRM® Basic course at ISMZ GmbH in Zurich

Her work focuses on international change projects, agile team development processes, systemic executive development programs in an international context and business coaching, executive coaching.

If you want to guarantee quality services, you need to accept the fact that you cannot do everything on your own! Professional, forward thinking consulting is made up of many different elements In order to live up to both our own standards and those of our clients, SK Kalusche Consulting has established a network of freelance specialists from many different professional fields Depending on the requirements of the project in question, Sonja Kalusche puts together and leads teams which have the necessary know-how to achieve above average results. These teams reliably implement the strategies developed according to the specifications.

These are just some of the people SK | Kalusche Consulting works with:


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