Thinking Environment – Thinking really by yourself!

I invite you to the LEADERS DIALOG in our new rooms. The topic: “Thinking Environment – thinking really by yourself!” In a keynote speech with sufficient time for exercises, Marion Miketta introduces the principle of “Thinking Environment” and shows ways of using the Thinking Environment in everyday life.

It sounds simple and obvious, but it isn’t. We are too much conditioned, indoctrinated and in role assignments and communication patterns that prevent relaxed and free thinking. Thinking Environment is an approach developed by Nancy Kline that allows people to think freely, creatively and without limitations.

Thinking Environment creating spaces for thought
“Thinking independently I always do that!” Why really independent thinking is often neglected, why it is so important and what conditions are necessary.

24. Januar 2019 I 17:00 Uhr bis 19:00 Uhr


  • Short introduction to Thinking Environment
  • The 10 Components of the Thinking Environment
  • “Thinking Pairs”: What do you want to think about and what are your thoughts?
  • How could Thinking Environment be integrated into everyday work?
  • What should I change to integrate more of it in my daily work?
  • Numerous exercises

Target group
Executives, top management, board members, managing directors

Kalusche Consulting GmbH, Fürther Straße 4a, 90429 Nürnberg

At the finally buffet with drinks there is enough time to change ideas and discuss the collected impressions and ideas.

Do you take time for a thinking braek? I look forward to your registration and the exchange with you.