MargaretMargaret Jankowsky is at home in two cultures and has business experience all over the world. This witty Irish consultant is fluent in English, German and Spanish. She is a specialist for intercultural communication. She helps companies to avoid making the biggest possible mistake they can make when doing business abroad: Assuming, that the way things are done in Germany is the way things are done everywhere else. Managers and executives learn from her how to behave appropriately in the given culture, enabling them to be successful in their projects. In addition to this, Margaret Jankowsky helps people in crisis situations and supports those who are in danger of suffering from occupational burnout.

Experience Margaret Jankowsky in Team Workshops, Presentations and Coaching.

Aktuelle Arbeitsschwerpunkte 

  • Consulting and training for intercultural communication
  • Trainings on team, department and company culture
  • Coaching of executives
  • Moderation of international conferences
  • Accompaniment of companies entering international business