Heike Heeg

Heike Heeg

Consultant, Coach

The pragmatic business economist supports companies in the development and implementation of change processes – both nationally and internationally: As a consultant, she accompanied many project assignments in the USA, the UK, Australia and Switzerland. Heike Heeg is also internationally active for Kalusche Consulting. “Each organization has individual values, a culture and a history,” explains Heike Heeg.

“Change in organizations succeeds if these structures are consciously supported in the change process.”

Heike Heeg is in good hands with those who like to work visually: moderations and group processes are happy to accompany them with “Graphic Recording” – a method that translates ideas and information into images.

You will experience Ms. Heeg in the International Executive Curriculum and in team workshops.

Current work priorities:

  • Change and Stakeholder Management
  • Change communication
  • Coaching of executives
  • Accompaniment of teams
  • Moderation with Graphic Recording
  • Project Management
  • Support of international projects (change management, leadership, team development)

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