Jochen Opdenplatz

Jochen Opdenplatz

Consultant, Coach, Mediator

The professional identity of Jochen Opdenplatz is formed by two parallel developments:

On the one hand, there is the structured, clear graduate mathematician with 20 years of experience in data centers of international insurance companies. This includes years of work in the personnel environment and as a manager.
On the other hand, a professionally trained mediator, a coach of executives, an enthusiastic systemic coach of individuals or teams developed.

Working motto:

“Finding common ground for the respective, always very specific concerns of people or organizations”,

Being able to work like this is always exciting and inspiring for me!

You will experience Mr. Opdenplatz in executive trainings, team workshops, coachings and all topics of project management.

Current work priorities:

  • Development of managers (training of leadership behaviour, systemic coaching)
  • Development of teams
  • Conflict resolution within and between teams
  • Moderation of work groups
  • Change Management
  • Moderation of workshops in companies

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