Rudolf Lenhart

Rudolf Lenhart

Senior Consultant, Coach

Rudolf Lenhart has 25 years of experience as a manager and global manager in various positions of a globally active technology company in the automotive and industrial supply industry.

“Close to the people, down-to-earth and implementation-oriented, but also global and strategic thinking, I am thrilled to be able to work on solutions on the topics of leadership and lean management as well as further development of people and teams towards a positive culture of change in the company.”

You will experience Mr. Lenhart in (international) team workshops, coachings and around the topics of project management and change management.

Current work priorities:

  • Coaching
    Executive development, management competence development, project coaching, team development, mentoring, coaching in a global environment
  • Change Management
    Introduction of lean management and lean leadership systems
    Support in the development and implementation of restructuring projects as well as production process optimizations
    Accompanying change projects, developing visions of the future with managers and involving employees
  • Team development
    Design and implementation of team management and management concepts from the shop floor to the management areas
    Leadership and dealing with teams in a cooperative environment
    Introduction and design of associated systems (principles, processes, structures, tools, introduction roadmap, communication concepts)
  • Organizational and process development as well as building a culture of change in the company with concrete implementation support
  • Support of international projects (change management, leadership, team development)


Over 25 years of experience as an executive and global manager (automotive and industrial supply industry)

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