Thomas Plackner

Thomas Plackner

Senior Consultant, Coach

Thomas Plackner has many years of experience in small, medium and large companies, also in an international context and with cross-functional teams. His expertise lies in the areas of project management and cultural development and is based on a solid background as a generalist coupled with systemic working methods.

“By bringing together the strengths of individuals and organizations and cultivating an appreciative and human interaction, we can create effective and competent performance communities.”

You will experience Mr. Plackner in (international) team workshops, coachings and all topics of project management.

Current work priorities:

  • Consulting and training on systemic and classic project management
  • Development and implementation of tailor-made project management methods in companies
  • Project coaching
  • Coaching of project managers and their superiors
  • Consulting and moderation in project and organizational culture development
  • Moderation of workshops in companies
  • Support of international projects (change management, leadership, team development)


Many years of experience in small, medium and large companies

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