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Team development: cope with crises, achieve success

Teams are the hyper experts in organization. Teams are a reflection of the entire organisation.

Change either takes place or gets bogged down in the teams. Top performances are achieved and complex tasks are managed in teams. Team dynamcis  are complex and exciting at the same time – and can hardly be understood from the outside.

A professional understanding of what a team constitutes and excellent team performance consistently require a structured framework. Team issues are discussed and clarified, viable solutions are developed.

We offer team trainings, team facilitation, team coaching or team workshops, depending on the team´s degree of maturity, content need and the current Team dynamics

  • Team building, when there are new team members, a new team leader, to strengthen the identity of the team, to build up trust, and in many other situations
  • Team development, when it comes to recognizing, accepting and utilizing, diversity, the analysis of the strengths and weaknesses in the team, reflection on team work, feedback processes, the integration of different ways of working, and different personalities, and in other appropriate situations
  • Team development resulting from strategic repositioning in the team, setting goals, interface management, positioning in the change process, determining new directions, integration, and many more.
  • Team development regarding the clarification of roles and responsibilities in teams
  • Team coaching, in the case of conflicts in teams


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