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Two strong women – together a strong team

Two strong women – Together a strong team – Iris Kümmerle and Sonja Kalusche Together with our oldest cooperation partner Iris Kümmerle we very successfully moderated a large group event. We would like to thank Ms. Iris Kümmerle for her great input and commitment! #kalusche #consulting #cooperation #strongwomen #strongcooperation

Backlog demand in German companies

The Global Culture Survey, a worldwide company survey shows: #flexibility, #resilience and #agility anchored in the corporate culture are crucial for success in times of permanent change. And German companies in particular should catch up when it comes to anchoring these competencies. Managers must actively exemplify corporate values, and topics such as employee retention and […]

Day in, day out – cooperation in every corner of our daily lives

It’s not just companies that join forces and benefit. In politics, in construction, in sports – the examples are endless. And not only that. Every day in our lives, we cooperate with numerous people in our encounters. Whether it’s discussing with a partner, working on a project with colleagues, or playing volleyball in our free […]

Home office or back to the office: Where do you prefer to work?

ARD-alpha’s daily talk revolves around this core question and other exciting topics. In discussion with Dr. Yvonne Lott, they weigh up what the working methods of the future will look like. Numerous viewers express their opinions and ask questions – debating points such as spatial separation, making agreements and enabling informal exchanges between colleagues. And […]

Cooperation – what does that actually mean?

As already published last week, we have entered into a cooperation with Kienbaum. But what does cooperation actually mean? Cooperation is the purposeful interaction of two or more living beings, persons or systems with common goals. Often, in a cooperation, the swarm intelligence of two or more systems is used and a new system, for […]

Kalusche meets Kienbaum. Competence meets opportunity.

Benefit from the strong cooperation between Kalusche and Kienbaum. Competence meets opportunity. We are expanding our comprehensive coaching and consulting portfolio to include NewPlacement. As a result of this cooperation, Kienbaum now offers its services locally in Nuremberg. Together with the experienced Kienbaum Executive NewPlacement Team, we professionally accompany your executives in case of separation […]

Sustainability & Leadership

Sustainable and future-oriented – This is how we at Kalusche Consulting understand both consulting and our everyday work. Unfortunately, sustainability often remains a topic at board level in many companies, without reaching the company as a whole. An interesting study explains why sustainability cannot only be ordered top-down and why sustainability requires new leadership competencies: […]

Go Green!

Right on time after the summer vacation – our commitment at KC to the Green Office. This means: making our everyday working life more sustainable and reducing our ecological footprint. Avoiding huge piles of paper, eliminating chaos on the desk, buying fruit & vegetables unpackaged – our office resolutions through the Green Office project. #greenoffice […]

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