How do you become happy?

Positive feelings help to solve problems better. It can be understood that happier employees are also more motivated to pursue their work. The same phenomenon is also known from the private sphere: if someone is happy, then everything is quicker and easier for them. Managers should therefore support their employees in developing these feelings that create inner motivation.

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Where does the journey go in 2018?

Kalusche Consulting has had a successful 2017 with some changes. Large projects have been successfully completed and new partners have been added. Growing also means changing structures. In an interview, Ms. Sonja Kalusche gives an outlook on the activities and goals of Kalusche Consulting in 2018: About the change of name to a limited liability company. Which topics are the focus for Kalusche Consulting and its customers. And finally, some very personal insights: from getting older to yoga.

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High performance team or team?

High performance team or team? What is the difference, what role does leadership play in this? How can it be possible to establish and maintain performance sustainably in the company without the individual being sucked out? Sonja Kalusche gives exciting insights from her own professional experience.

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Customer interview with Sven Kranz, Tool management manager of Schaeffler AG

And every beginning has a magic

At the beginning of March 2016, the Change Project Tool Center started at Schaeffler AG. The aim of the project is to redesign the production processes in a leaner and more successful manner. Ms. Sonja Kalusche was brought in as a change management coach. After 3 months, we take stock and ask Mr. Sven Kranz, project manager and manager in the field of tool management, some questions about how he sees the course of the first months and what role coaching played in this.

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