Awakening in times of upheaval

In order for a change to be successful and as smoothly as possible, a neutral and independent view from the outside is often necessary. A partner who structures the necessary steps in the process, reduces complexity to the essentials and supports you as a key player in achieving your goals.

We make essentials visible

Change management requires planning, implementation, control and stabilization of changes in strategies, processes, organizations, culture.

Maximizing the effectiveness and efficiency of your change process and achieving the affected managers’ and employees’ greatest possible acceptance is our aim.

With the help of our system ChangeStepsAdvanced®, developed by Sonja Kalusche, we accompany companies that are in a change process.

Are you in the midst of a restructuring, corporate succession, start-up, renovation or merger? Then our seven-step system, which involves the key stakeholders and contributes to the smooth running of the change process, is just the thing.

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