Margaret Jankowsky

Margaret Jankowsky

Senior Consultant, Coach

Margaret Jankowsky is rooted in two cultures and has global business experience. The humorous Irishwoman, who speaks English, German and Spanish, is a specialist in intercultural communication. She supports companies in avoiding the biggest mistake in foreign business: the belief that German business practices can be transferred to other cultures one-to-one.

In her trainings, managers learn how to behave in the respective foreign market in a culturally sensitive manner and thus lead their project to success. With a lot of empathy, the consultant also supports people in crisis situations and in case of burn-out danger.

You will experience Ms. Jankowsky in (international) team workshops, lectures and coachings.

Current work priorities:

  • Advice and training on intercultural communication
  • Training on team, departmental and corporate culture
  • Coaching of executives
  • Moderation of international conferences
  • Accompaniment of companies entering foreign business
  • Support of international projects (change management, leadership, team development)

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