Claudia Hoefer

Claudia Hoefer

Senior Consultant, Coach

Claudia Hoefer is characterised by curiosity, directness, courage and humour. The export economist with an MBA in International Marketing has the competence to listen well and has an eye for the different and seemingly impossible. Mrs. Hoefer has 15 years of international professional and management experience as head of corporate communications/corporate spokesperson and change manager in mechanical engineering. For the past years she has been working as a consultant, trainer and coach.

Even with that much experience, Mrs. Hoefer is still impressed and excited when individuals or teams in organisations leave their comfort zone, set out on a journey, gain new insights, the energy in the room suddenly becomes tangible and change takes place.

You will experience Mrs. Hoefer in (international) leadership trainings, team workshops and accompanying organisational development projects.

Current work priorities:

  • Change Management
  • Consulting and process consulting in change (conception, implementation, communication)
  • Leadership development and feedback, development of leadership models and culture, Positive Leadership
  • Mindfulness, self-leadership, stress management, resilience
  • Coaching of teams and individuals
  • Conflict moderation and mediation
  • Team and organisational development
  • Qualification of staff and managers in the fields of leadership, facilitation, process support, difficult conversations/communication, conflict management and mediation as well as Change Management
  • Support of international projects (change management, leadership, team development)


15 years of management experience: Head of Corporate Communications and Change Management

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