Our reading tip for the weekend

Our book recommendation: “Utopias for Realists” by Rutger Bregman. Inspiring, appealing and well researched, the author describes 10 different ideas for the future in 10 chapters and broadens our horizons.
How can we bring about the end of poverty? Is a 15-hour work week feasible? What would be the benefits of an unconditional basic income?
Bregman is convinced: we must dare to think the impossible, because that’s the only way to find solutions to the problems of our time.
And if you’re more the auditory type – here’s the TED Talk to go with it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aIL_Y9g7Tg0&t=3s

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Kalusche Consulting – Time for us

In a very successful 2-hour session we continued to work on our internal topics in a highly concentrated manner. It is important that we consciously take time out of our daily business and focus on our internal development.

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5 C‘s of Talent

The key question: where is the talent and how do we gain access to it?
First step: Making an ongoing assessment of the people on the team, based on the Five C’s to inventory #ability and potentially identify development #needs.
Second step: for any recognized gaps in the 5 C’s, immediately start working with them on their own personal development plan. Regularly check in with them on their progress and how they’re feeling about what they’re doing.
Finally, consider a compensation review as an additional and timely step.
© John Spence

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Basic Beliefs…

… are unconscious beliefs that operate in the system and control behavior without the participants being aware of it.

Do you want to explore or identify the basic beliefs in your organization? Feel Free to contact us, we are happy to help!

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KC on the Road

We had the great opportunity to be part of the ICG Learning Days in Hungary – an exciting & educational trip. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the organizers of ICG for the invitation.
We were able to take away numerous impressions: both new content-related impulses as well as new perspectives and ways of thinking. According to Mark Twain: “You have to travel in order to learn. This trip has allowed us to grow together as a team and has also brought Kalusche Consulting forward.

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Energy flows to where our thoughts are directed

That’s why it’s important to always approach challenges positively – the more you focus on “not solving” a problem, the more difficult it becomes. On the other hand, if you formulate positive scenarios, thinking gets a linguistic form and can steer our actions in the desired direction.
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Definition #Purpose: Purpose, intention, meaningfulness

In an organizational context, purpose provides orientation and prioritization. It provides a clear direction as to where the company should develop and what effect the company wants to achieve.

  • Orientation and prioritization through meaning instead of numbers
  • Facilitation of distributed authority and agile ways of working (self-organization)
  • Guidepost in the permanent process of effective strategy work

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Make 1 out of 3

During the Corona pandemic, three teams were merged into one new team at our client. Therefore, we took 2 days together to work on the topic of “team building” as well as to come together on an operational working level with the help of a common vision & mission.
Thank you very much for the nice workshop.

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Workshop – Purpose & Vision

Together with our client, we have worked on the exciting and fundamental topics of Purpose & Vision. Working with the topics of Purpose, Vision & Mission are among the “classics” of our KC portfolio, which is why we have particular expertise and a wealth of experience in this area. And once again, a great result was achieved with this team.

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Unser Tipp für die Ohren: Der #Podcast – Treffpunkt: Zukunft

Die Vergangenheit können wir nicht mehr beeinflussen, die Zukunft dafür umso mehr. Der Podcast des Zukunftsinstituts wirft einen kritischen, aber auch optimistischen Blick ins Ungewisse. Spannend und humorvoll diskutieren Expert*innen aus Politik, Wirtschaft und Wissenschaft über aktuelle Themen und langfristige Entwicklungen.

Reinhören lohnt sich: https://www.zukunftsinstitut.de/podcast/treffpunkt-zukunft/

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